Explanation why Soccer is a popular sport

Explanation why Soccer is a popular sport – Soccer is rated as one of the most popular sport. It is done in many age groups and by both genders. Children mostly play in schools while seniors play for fun while others have careers in the area as professional players. Soccer is played by only two teams at any given time where each time has eleven players .All the eleven players each has a role which he or she should play in the field. It is played in a rectangular field where one both sides we have two erected goal posts at the ends of the field.

Once the ball goes through any of the goal posts a score is recorded. The players each kick the ball into the opponents net to try to get a score. All players should kick the ball with their feet or the body which includes the head. Only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with his or her hands. A player can score using any part of the body with the exceptional of the hands. Players engage themselves in different exercises to ensure fitness during the playtime of the soccer.

Important soccer practice drills

Some practice leg extension, running, stretching, practice drills and football skills like passing, heading and ball control. Online betting soccer is taken both as a recreational activity and also still as a way of people earning their living. Children and even adults play during their free or leisure time while professional soccer players play and benefit from it since they are paid from participation of the sport.

Explanation why Soccer is a popular sport

Explanation why Soccer is a popular sport

Soccer origin is traced to China at around 2000 years ago but still Rome, Greece and Central America also argue to being the countries where soccer first originated. Professional soccer got its rules in England where they were formulated to provide a guide on how football was to be played. England later formed a Federation to have universal rules. With the setting up of the association now they formed all round rules to be used by everybody.

Professional soccer continued extending in the world where nowadays we have the main teams playing in England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other countries and the players are highly paid. Soccer live has attracted thousands of fans where we find that during a certain matches we have   people in large numbers going to cheer their favorite teams. Teams have also set up fields for practice and are also used during the match with other teams.

We have various titles that teams play to attain for example F.A Cup, Barclays Premier League Title and Bundesliga Title amongst many others. In the field there are activities that happen from the beginning to the end of the match. The match starts at the center of the filed with a coin being flipped to know which team will kick-off. The other team then starts for the second half when the two teams switch sides.

The game is played for ninety minutes where each half is forty five minutes but after they end up in a draw after the ninety minutes then they are given  an extra thirty minutes and if still a draw is met then penalties are given. After a team scores then the other team starts the ball at the center. If a ball goes out of the bounds then a throw-in is given and this is the only time one can touch the ball using hands. A corner kick can also be given and also a goal kick. Penalties in football include a penalty, yellow or red card and a free kick.

Soccer is a valuable sport for both recreational and also for professional playing.

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