Sports: A Part of Our History and Culture

Sports: A Part of Our History and Culture – Sports is not just an ordinary word. It may be defined as a gameplay by some players which we call the athletes but aside from that, we can define sports as a part of every nation’s history and culture. Wherever we go, we can see many people playing a different kind of sports. It can be a physical sport, a mental sport or online sports games. Physical sports includes basketball, air sports like parachuting, ball-over-net games like badminton, board sports like surfing and bat-and-ball games like baseball. While on the other hand, mental sports includes card games, quizzing and speed cubing which only requires a little or no physical exertion.

Sports in every nations history

Sports has become a big part of every nation’s history. An example of which is the sport which we call the sepak takraw. In Bangkok, Thailand, murals at Wat Phra Kaeo  has a design that shows the Hindu God Hanuman playing sepak takraw in a ring with a troop of monkeys. Given the chance that the time comes in where we already stop playing or totally forgot this sport, it will greatly affect our history specifically Thailand’s history because they have structures that represent and/or shows this kind of sport. Since the new generation doesn’t know anything about this sport, the older generations need to explain a lot about this so that they will know the reason why this sport become a part of our history.

Sports: A Part of Our History and Culture

Sports: A Part of Our History and Culture

On the other side, sports play a big part in some country’s culture. For example, Palo Sebo is a traditional local sport in the Philippines in which the player climb a bamboo that is lubricated by an oil. The player/s must climb up to the top of the lubricated bamboo and get the flag on it. In addition, each player must climb the bamboo with their bare hands and feet. The player that be able to reach the top gets the flag and bring it down to the ground will be declared as the winner and gets the necessary prize. Moreover, this game is played by two or more boys. This can also be played by teams with four to five members for each team.

In this case, the members help their teammates by assisting and helping them in reaching the top so that they will win the game. This sport is played most likely in the provinces during festivals also known as fiestas or feasts. As a Filipino citizen, if you cannot see this sport in a fiesta it’s like that something is missing because this game / sport is already part of the culture. It’s part of the tradition that is present in every fiesta you go to and that if you will not see it will give you a feeling that something is missing because it used to be there. You used to be happy watching individuals or teams playing it.

You used to be cheering for your sports, pride, representative or whatever you call them; it may be your friend/s or relative/s and rejoicing because he or they wins or in the contrary you being so disappointed and miserable because he or they lose the game. This article is written not to impress people but to express something that can make people realize that we must give importance and save every sport we know so that we will not come to the point where we will blame ourselves for not taking care of each sport by saying,” It’s over and it’s our fault”. More than a game, sports is a part of every nation’s history and culture in every country around the world. Today many people enjoy betting sites sports  while on their homes.

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