Sports part of our culture, tradition and entertainment

Sports part of our culture, tradition and entertainment – Sports are an essential part of life and are liked both as entertainment as well as the exercise purposes. Sports are played widely around the world not only western but eastern people all like sports equally. A Lot of sports of eastern and western countries are similar but there are some other sports as well which are kind of games played in particular areas since the old times of their forefathers and people follow them and play them as part of their traditions.

Particularly talking about the tribal areas, they have such unique and strange games which depict their culture, tradition and entertainment and they love playing these games as a part of their traditions and consider them as sports too. Sports among the urban areas are more likely sophisticated, well mannered, organized and maintained as compared to those in the rural areas. People like sports not only for watching and entertainment purposes but for gambling as well.

Sports as one of the popular wagered games

Sports is on the top of the list of those things which are highly gambled and betted upon around the world. People bet not only on the teams but on the individual players as well. For example if talking about a highly played sport cricket, we observe a cricket match between two teams, people bet on which team to win as well as an individual cricket player about how much runs he will gain in a single over or as a whole in the entire match.

Sports part of our culture, tradition and entertainment

Sports part of our culture, tradition and entertainment

Nowadays we know that the world has become a global village, we can see while sitting on our couches in home what’s happening around the world, likewise people from around the world gamble on sports. Now let us consider this point that whether this gambling on sports is good or not? Everyone has his own point of view, some say that it is a quick and easy way of making money and others say that it is illegal and unethical to do gambling.

According to my point of view gambling is a total waste of money and time. It is such a bad addiction which makes you keep on playing and gambling until unless either you gain a lot of money or just waste it all. People gamble on almost all types of sports. Anyone can imagine on this that thousands of people bet and only a few win, others go in total loss by losing all their money. Now there is a very interesting point that even in gambling, scams occur. A Lot of scammers are there, it seems somehow ridiculous but it is true.

Gamblers also scam a lot of times by taking money from the people and running away. However this point is beyond my discussion. Here I would like to add up a point that sports should be dealt as sports and not as a gambling thing. An even worse part is that sportsmen themselves are involved in gambling on sports which is called as match fixing, in which both teams fix the match even before it is started and decide mutually that which team is going to win , and then both teams are then given money for winning and losing accordingly.

Resultantly not only the public but the players are also involved in this gamble. Sports should be given importance according to the rules and regulations and should not be unethically put into gambles and bets. Sports should be made as a compulsory part of student’s curriculum so that students learn on how to be organized and mannered as a team and bear patience as a part of the team. Only then we can have a good generation.

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