The Odds of Winning When You Place a Bet on Red-Black in Roulette

Roulette is a simple casino game. For unskilled bettors, Roulette is a merely placing on the numbers. But it is beyond that. You should predict where the ball will land either black slot or red slot. It is good to understand the odds on roulette. So, we will explain The odds of winning when you place a bet on red-black in roulette. Whether you play on land-based casino or online casino, the probability of winning and rules are same. Make sure you know the risk and potential profit in Roulette.

The Odds of Winning When You Place a Bet on Red-Black in Roulette

The Odds of Winning When You Place a Bet on Red-Black in Roulette

The Odds of Winning When You Place a Bet on Red-Black in Roulette

Understand the Wheel Distinction

 Before we go deeper on explanation of Roulette odds, it is good to know the Roulette wheel distinction. American Roulette has 38 pockets, 36 red and black slots and two green number slots meanwhile European has 37 pockets, 36 red and black slot and one green number slots.

The house edge of European Roulette is lower than American Roulette. European Roulette has 2.70 percent house edge whereas American Roulette has 5.26 percent of house edge.

The Probability Odds


The odds European Roulette American Roulette
Red 48.6 percent 47.4 percent
Black 48.6 percent 47.4 percent
Dozen 32.4 percent 31.6 percent
Column 32.4 percent 31.6 percent
Six number combination 16.percent 15.8 percent
Five number combination 13.5 percent 13.2 percent
Four number combination 10.8 percent 10.5 percent
Three umber combination 8.2 percent 7.9 percent
Any number 2.70 percent 2.60 percent
Two number combination 5.4 percent 5.3 percent

The table above gives you a real differences about odds in american and European Roulette. From the table, it shows that winning probability in European Roulette is bigger than American Roulette. It happens because the American Roulette has double green slots. Even though you place bet on either black or red slots, you will get loss when the ball land on the green pocket.

European Odds

European Roulette gives a better opportunity of winning than American Roulette. It happens because European Roulette has 37 possible outcomes on each spin in roulette whereas the American has thirty eight slots which offer a less winning in one spin.

Is Red or Black Bet Better than Others?

Betting on red or black bet is as good as other bet unless you can predict where the ball lands correctly. Mostly, online casino show how many red or black numbers emerge in a row. The result is absolutely different and random. It occurs because the eyes cannot see the colour clearly when the wheel is spinning. Some strategiest suggest to wait where the ball lands and letting the winnings is on your side.

How About Even odd?

Is Even Odd is better than double colour? The answer is dependable. No statistics can answer this. It occurs because luck has a great role in both American Roulette and European Roulette. So, Even Odd is as good as black or red odd.

Roulette has a different odd mechanism than other bets. It is good to learn The odds of winning when you place a bet on red-black in roulette. Do not miss to get money in Roulette.

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