What does 1.5 mean in Dota2 eSports Betting?

In this world that is full of demands and pressure, it is really inevitable to ignore what is happenings. As these things do really cause stresses that can make someone loose its motivation to move. Good thing, many stuff are developed to contradict such stresses, that can be readily found in the internet. But what does 1.5 mean in Dota2 eSports Betting?

And one of those good solutions is doing online sports betting, as it give thrills and fun like never been before. And to add more excitement is to add some twist in this online gaming act, which is placing a bet for an added excitement. Not only winning because of pride, but also for a prize money.

What does 1.5 mean in Dota2 eSports Betting?


Doing online game nowadays has been so easy, as it is simply understood of players even there is age differences, as these online games are developed to promote a unique gaming experience that can be surely enjoyed by the players. That is why it is not even a question, why most of the players got addicted on this, as playing online games do really excite everyone.

One of the most favorite online game is the Dota, which even have a version of Dota 2. For the past years, it is only considered as ordinary computer game, as it is played by a team with an opposing the other team. But now, Dota has been classified to be the most popular online game, where live in play bets are entertained. That is why it is a usual highlight in any online betting sites, especially those associated with E – games sites.

How significant does the figure of 1.5 in a Dota E- sport betting game?

In the world of betting, nothing is really sure. That is why it is called a game of chance, as many possible probabilities may occur that can be surely given a chance. But it is not only betting randomly, because a huge preparation is in need to really achieve the goal of winning the prize. And of course by the reason of money is at real stake that is why it is not suggested to go try betting randomly.

Betting techniques must really developed. Strategies must be made, so that a higher chance of winning may occur. That is why even in doing bets with Dota, techniques are made to make each bettor have a chance to win. But it will  really took a lot effort to understand the betting process in Dota, as some figures are given to be guide to aim such goal of winning.

Handicap Spread

So the question is, how significant does a figure of 1.5 in Dota online betting? The answer is, that, this is the handicap spread offered at QQ101 for BO3 and BO5 matches. If a Dota fan bettor bet on the favorite at -1.5 then the favorite has to win 2 – 0 for them to win their bet. If the Dota fan bettor  bet on the underdog at +1.5 then the underdog has to win at least 1 game in the series for them to win their  bet (i.e. if the underdog loses the series 1 – 2 then they will still win their bet). It can be ignored, Dota fan bettors these is the one and only betting at Dota2Lounge.

It may seem too complicated and hard to understand at first, but once learned and practiced, it will be a great help to survive the Dota online betting. So you should be ready for the challenges as it will be surely worth it.

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